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Taking the mystery out of Fibromyalgia What is it — and how to relieve the pain, drug-free

Fibromyalgia is a little-known and often misunderstood condition with multiple symptoms which include widespread pain (with extreme sensitivity to that pain), fatigue, muscle stiffness and difficulty sleeping. Sufferers can also experience problems with memory and concentration.

The cause of the condition is unknown, but it’s thought that abnormal levels of some brain chemicals change the way that the nervous system processes pain messages. A typical sufferer is aged between 30 and 50, with women more frequently affected than men, though fibromyalgia is also seen in both children and the elderly.

There’s no cure yet for fibromyalgia and treating it focuses on drugs for pain control, antidepressants, life style changes and counselling. It’s estimated that approximately two million people in the UK suffer from fibromyalgia¹ and many people suffer without understanding their symptoms. Although drugs may reduce pain, they frequently come with a range of unwelcome side effects.

However drug-free pain help is at hand with ActiPatch®, a small portable device which is placed over an area of pain. ActiPatch® delivers electromagnetic pulses that stimulate the nerve cells surrounding the core area of pain, helping to release the body’s natural pain relievers such as dopamine, while normalising the nerve functions.

The Fibromyalgia Support Group undertook a chronic pain survey and concluded that ActiPatch®’s innovative technology “is an invaluable new pain therapy that can greatly benefit the majority of Fibromyalgia sufferers, helping them effectively and safely self-manage their pain and improve quality of life²”. From this, 79% of responders reported a reduction in their pain having used ActiPatch®.

Ben Fichter, Marketing Manager of the BioElectronics Corporation which makes the ActiPatch® commented:

“Fibromyalgia is a complex pain disorder which is difficult to treat and seriously impacts the lives of sufferers. Controlled studies are proving the worth of ActiPatch® in managing pain, irrespective of its location.”

Gentle exercise, such as walking or swimming may help to ease stiffness for sufferers. Relaxation techniques and managing stress also plays a part in handling what is sometimes known as an ‘invisible illness’.

Using ActiPatch for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can affect many parts of the body so the product should be used on the worst area of pain or more than one device can be used. The ActiPatch® device module only houses the battery and can be placed in any direction. The therapeutic area is within the loop of the ActiPatch® device. The loop area should be placed directly over the source of the pain. For maximum pain relief, wear continuously in one area until pain diminishes.

You can essentially use any type of wraps, adhesives, bandages or clothing to hold the ActiPatch® in place. This mobile pain relief technology can be easily integrated into your daily activity routine making it easy to move freely without any inconvenience.

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