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Let’s Thaw that Frozen Shoulder!

Shoulder Pain Illustration

Is your frozen shoulder pain disrupting your daily activities and affecting your sleep keeping you up at night? Traditional frozen shoulder remedies are usually only short term and ineffective treatments. Is there anything you can do to safely and effectively beat frozen shoulder pain? Yes!

Frozen Shoulder Symptoms

People 40 and older, particularly women, are more likely to have frozen shoulder and can dramatically affect their lifestyle due to immobility and pain. Frozen shoulder is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. Signs and symptoms typically begin gradually, worsen over time and then resolve, usually within one to three years. People who've had prolonged immobility or reduced mobility of the shoulder are at higher risk of developing frozen shoulder. Immobility may be the result of many factors, including rotator cuff injury, broken arm, stroke and recovery from surgery

Finally, Some relief!

Chronic pain is one of the most challenging and difficult conditions people face treating safely and effectively. There is now a new safe pain therapy device that is economical and effective for many individuals suffering with chronic back pain for many years.

ActiPatch Long-Term Use:

    - 2/3 (including opioid users) reported moderate to complete elimination of pain medications.
    - 2/3 reported improved sleep,
    - 3/4 increased physical activity and
    - 4/5 a substantial improvement in overall quality of life.


    This data demonstrates that ActiPatch has a higher response rate and is much more effective than common chronic pain drugs and other therapies for chronic pain. ActiPatch is drug-free, and unlike medications, there are no adverse effects. It is safe for people with diabetes, the elderly, and those with heart and lung disease. For best results place the device on the upper shoulder, over the site of the pain. ActiPatch can be used safely 24-hours per day for extended pain relief.

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    ActiPatch long-lasting pain relief has been proven to help people get a good night’s rest. It’s the new pain reliever that lets you be your best! ActiPatch is now available at Boots,  stores and costs only £19.99 for 720 hours of treatment.


    "I tried the 7-day trial ActiPatch for my frozen shoulder and was surprised at how brilliantly it worked. I had six sessions with a physiotherapist and they couldn’t even help. But this magic little patch helped overnight to alleviate a lot of the pain. I suffer with fibromyalgia also and this little treasure helps with all the tender spots all over the body.... One at a time! A must have for any type of pain... I cannot recommend it enough.


    - Janette Ann Burke

    United Kingdom

    Home Remedies

    Gentle movement is key to improving the symptoms of frozen shoulder. While you don't want to put yourself through painful motions, you need to make sure you are moving and stretching regularly.

    There are various stretches you can try to ease your symptoms such as leaning forward so that your shoulder arm in pain hangs down. Then gently rotate your hips so that your arm also swings. You can also stand in a doorway with your hands on either side of the door frame and lean forward to give a nice stretch. You should stretch at least 10-20 times a day.

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