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How to properly use ActiPatch® for pain relief

ActiPatch® is a new and clinically proven drug free technology in the fight against chronic muscle and joint pain.

Blood flow in the body is regulated by electrical signals that travel along nerves. The ActiPatch® modifies these nerve signals, providing pain relief by enhancing blood flow which reduces inflammation and restores the injured tissue to a healthy state.

ActiPatch® relieves chronic and acute pain due to muscle and joint soreness, strains and sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.


The ActiPatch® device module only houses the battery and can be placed in any direction. The therapeutic area is within the loop of the ActiPatch® device. The loop area should be placed directly over the source of the pain. For maximum pain relief, wear continuously in one area until pain diminishes.

It is not necessary to use the attachments included with the ActiPatch® products. If you find it more comfortable, you can use any type of wraps, plasters, bandages or clothing to hold the ActiPatch® in place.


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